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8 days lemosho route

8 days lemosho route

8 Days

On an unforgettable 8-day adventure via the Lemosho Route to summit Mount Kilimanjaro. This route offers a gradual ascent with stunning landscapes ranging from lush rainforests to glacial summits. Enjoy diverse terrains, breathtaking vistas, and strategic acclimatization days, culminating in a rewarding sunrise at Uhuru Peak. With experienced guides and a well-planned itinerary, this journey promises to be a remarkable and fulfilling experience.

5 Trip Highlights

  1. Scenic Rainforest Hike to Mti Mkubwa Camp (Day 1)

    • Begin your trek through the lush rainforest of Kilimanjaro, observing native plant and animal life, including the fascinating blue monkeys, as you make your way to Mti Mkubwa Camp.
  2. Expansive Views from the Shira Plateau (Day 2 & 3)

    • Ascend from the forest into the moorlands, reaching the Shira Plateau. Enjoy panoramic views of Mount Meru, the Shira Ridge, and the towering Kibo Peak while exploring one of the world's highest plateaus.
  3. Acclimatization and Exploration at Lava Tower (Day 4)

    • Gain altitude and acclimatize at the Lava Tower, also known as the “Shark’s Tooth.” This critical acclimatization point offers stunning views and a chance to adapt to the higher elevations.
  4. Conquering the Barranco Wall (Day 5)

    • Challenge yourself with the ascent of the Barranco Wall, a steep and exhilarating climb that rewards you with spectacular views and a sense of achievement as you reach Karanga Camp.
  5. Summit Success at Uhuru Peak (Day 7)

    • The ultimate highlight of the journey is reaching Uhuru Peak, the highest point in Africa. Start your summit push in the early hours, experience a breathtaking sunrise, and celebrate your achievement at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro.

This well-structured itinerary ensures gradual acclimatization and offers a variety of trekking experiences, making your journey to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro both challenging and rewarding.


From Moshi to the Kilimanjaro National Park Gate, you drive through the picturesque mountain village.Delete my comment(s) on this.pic.twitter. While our permits are processed we will take the time to observe all the activity of the operations, where many crews are getting everything ready for the journey ahead Enjoy the picturesque rainforest landscape and windy trails as your guide explains to you the native plant and animal life, and natural wildlife. However, its lowest elevation from here makes the land trail quite muddy and slippery. Gaiters: Yes Trekking Poles: Yes to Both (We definitely recommend them here)

After a restful night and a filling breakfast, we continue our hike from the rain forest into the rising path, and with the forest now behind us, the road climbs continuously, and with distant eyes we ascend to the edge of the Shira Plateau. Temperatures begin to drop.


Full day spent to explore the Shira plateau. An easy walk east, towards Kibo, with the destination on this day is to approach the area below the Kibo crater wall. The last part of the walk is across the plateau that leads to Shira 2 camp on moorland meadows, by a stream below the Shira plateau. From here we move to Moir Hut, a site not commonly used on the foundations of Lent Hills. Lent Hills has several walks to offer and is excellent for acclimatising. Shira is one of the tallest plateaus in the world.


The elevation probably remains about the same as it was in the morning, but this day is very significant for acclimatization. From Shira Plateau we then continue east via a ridge, passing the junction in the direction of the Kibo peak before continuing south eastwards to the Lava Tower, called the “Shark’s Tooth”(elev. 4650m/15,250ft). Almost immediately following the tower, we reach a second junction that takes us to the Arrow Glacier. And finally we continue on to descend and overnight at the Barranco Camp.


We head up through the steep ridge to the adventurous bit of the trip, the Barranco Wall to the Karanga Valley and the junction, merging with the Mweka Trail. This is one of those impressive days where it looks as if your crew glides over this wall in pure grace, power, agility and sheer strength. Overnight at Karanga Camp.

We carry on, climbing towards Barafu Camp, once arrived you have then circumnavigated the south Circuit and watched the summit from various perspectives. A pasta dinner and bed to get an early night ready for summit night. Overnight at Barafu Camp.

As morning arrives, the alarm clock between midnight and 2 a.m., the anticipation mounts. This is the toughest part on all sides both mentally and physically.
We stumble towards the summit between the Rebmann and Ratzel glaciers, trying to stay warm and focus on the incredible feeling of achievement that awaits. Then traverse southeast and descend down to the Barafu Route to cross the Barafu Valley to the ridge leading to Stella Peak, up through scree 4 or 5 hours to Stella Point on the crater rim. You will be given with a sunrise like that you have not experienced before during the camaraderie of your short break here. Quicker hikers could get up to see sunrise from the top. Continuing on from here, you should have snow the whole way up your last 1 hour to Uhuru Peak. got to the highest point of Mt Kilimanjaro and the entire African continent, Uhuru Peak!
And, let a moment pass to celebrate this great achievement. We start descending very steeply for our last day on the mountain until we get to Mweka camp where we will eat lunch and take a short break when we arrive soon after at Barafu. For difficult terrain like gravel and volcano ash, it is also suggestible to wear gaiters and bring along trekking poles. A good night sleep in anticipation for your last night on the mountain. Overnight Mweka Camp.

A sweet farewell ceremony is followed by confirmation of your return charter transportation and is a lovely way to wrap up a magical journey with your crew. Descend the mountain to the Mweka Park Gate to receive your summit certificates. Since the weather will be considerably warmer the land is wet, muddy and hilly, as such we highly recommend Gaiters and trekking poles. Vehicle makes pick-up at Mweka village; transfer back to your hotel in Moshi from the gate.

What is included in this trek package?

  • Return transfers from the mountain down to hotel in Moshi
  • Experienced Professional Mountain guides.
  • The wages of the Guides, Porters, Cook and Park fee
  • Mountain sleeping two men luxury tents on double sharing (4 season) Oil / soap / grivel (Almik style)
  • Sleeping Mattress
  • Emergency Oxygen Cylinder
  • Meals while on the Mountain
  • Mess Tents - Quality (With Table and Chairs
  • water to drink
  • Park fees (conservation fees in part)
  • Camping or Hut cost hire (in park fees)
  • Park Fees (Includes Rescue fees)

What is excluded in this trek package?

  • Transfers (available as an optional addon)
  • Personal trekking equipment such as sleepings bags, hiking boots, clothes, etc (available for renting)
  • Tips and gratuities
  • Travel insurance
  • Personal Expenses (e.g. laundry, telephone, beverages, etc.)
  • Meals not listed in the itinerary