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Zanzibar Beaches Holiday

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Zanzibar Beaches Holiday

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Few places evoke such romance as the fabled spice islands of Zanzibar, Pemba and Mafia -sleepy islands with beautiful unspoilt beaches and lush tropical vegetation. These exotic islands are one of the best honeymoon destinations and also make for a relaxing African beach holiday.romance, mystery, stunning beache.

The very name brings to mind intrigue, adventure on the high seas and tales of pirates and traders. Today, the “Spice Island” retains all of its romance and mystery and combines it with a collection of boutique accommodation that make it a perfect place to unwind and relax.

Existing ruins comprise of 15th to 19th Century palaces, towns and mosques. Many an explorer stayed on in Zanzibar and the houses where Livingstone and Burton lived can still be seen today.

Best time for a Zanzibar Beach Holiday:

Late December, January and February is Zanzibar’s short dry season and the hottest time of year. It’s normally around 29°C but can get as hot as 39°C. The weather is very calm, humid and the ocean is flat like a mirror.

April-May is the time when heavy rain is most likely. If you do not mind sheltering when there is a torrential downpour it can be a magical time to be here, as the earth and wildlife heaves a sigh of relief as its thirst is quenched.

June to September is the coolest driest time of year. In July the Kusini trade winds may sometimes bring leaden skies and wild spectacular seas. But they also bring humpback whales,the best chances to see them are July, August, September.

September to December brings the short rains. These rains are usually much lighter and the sunny intervals much longer than is the long rains. The weather and ocean are clear and calm.