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Corporate Social Responsibility

We have been working in Tanzania for over 20 years, developing a network of failsafe contacts and creating the neatest and most effective itineraries to suit your interests and requirements.

Wanyama African Safari is all about incredible service. So whether you get in touch online or visiting our office in Arusha, we’ll do our best to ensure you have the same travel expert from start to finish.

Apart from arranging your safari, Wanyama African Safari believes in corporate responsibility. For us this means not only caring for our clients but also looking after our employees, the environment and local communities in areas we are operating in.

We support numerous conservation and community initiatives across Tanzania, and through our profits, we get funding to the smaller projects desperately in need.

Our Business Principal and Practice
  • We are committed to sustainable tourism practices maximizing social, economic and cultural benefits
  • Work directly and closely with the local communities and ensures that we pay wages which are consumerable with the services provided.
  • We encourages guests where possible to plant indigenous trees and so far we have managed to facilitate the planting of 500 trees.
  • Support community and conservation initiatives and all customers travelling with the company wishing to contribute or make donations are directed to the projects we currently support.
Our Project

We support Fruitful Orphanage and Day care. This orphanage was established in 2014 and is dedicated to providing food, shelter and education to orphaned children in Arusha. Many children in Tanzania have suffered displacement and continue to suffer losses, which have led us to commit to the ongoing and unmet needs of our community displaced to the street and resettlement communities within Tanzania. Fruitful Orphanage was conceived with a vision to create a peaceful society where children grow to achieve their full basic needs.

  • To provide shelter for orphaned children
  • To provide water and sanitation facilities to orphaned children
  • To provide basic food provisions for widows, orphans, and families in need
  • To sponsor orphans and maintain their physical and spiritual upbringing